We are still able to answer your questions about any of our vehicles on our lot! Please do call with any questions and if you meet any of the criteria then we still may be able to sell you a car. for immediate assistance please call – 208-305-8409

Limited sales and leasing activities at licensed new and used car and truck dealerships are deemed essential only if those activities:

  • Close a pending transaction that began before Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 20-25 was issued; or
  • Replace a totaled vehicle, replace a damaged vehicle that is impractical to repair, extend a lease that expires, or provide transportation to essential workers, as identified in the “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” list, Appendix to Proclamation 20-25, if the essential worker has no other means of transportation.

View the full list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

Any activity meeting the above criteria must still comply with the following:

  • On-site visits to the dealership are by appointment only and must be scheduled remotely;
  • Only 1 dealership employee may be present in the dealership building (showroom or office) at any one time, and that employee may only be present during the duration of the sale;
  • As part of the sales transaction, the buyer must certify that the purchase is essential for one of the reasons provided above; and
  • All activities must be conducted in a manner that complies with social distancing and sanitation measures established in Proclamation 20-25.

* Dealerships can only have one employee present in the building at a time, while on-site visits with customers must be by appointment only.

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